1st. Prize Colour Photography "INGENIO VILLAGE 1996"

From the Canary Islands you can see parts of the sky to the South horizon, which is impossible to see from Spain, as the Canary Islands are nearer to the Equator than Spain. To take this picture, the camera was pointing at the South horizon, and the lines are Centauri and South Cross Constellations. The diffuse light in the front of the picture is the sea of clouds moving above the villages in the south of the island, and the clouds are illuminated by the lights of the villages at night.

Technical Characteristics:

Date: Place: Time (TU):
21.Ab.96 Cumbres de Gran Canaria 2h 27

Film: Asa: Speed: Lens Openings: Focal mm.: MF:
Kodak 100 1h 15 4 24 15

With Tripod