The rotation of the Earth around its own exe is the reason why we have the feeling that all celestial bodies move from West to East, as if they moved around and imaginary axis Polaris Star - Earth. This can be probed by taking a star's trails picture, taking a long exposure photograph (from 5 minutes until several hours). During this time the stars have moved and the picture will reflect their way.

To start doing this kind of picture you may use a 35 mm. camera that can be adjusted manually for f/stop setting and for long exposures of several minutes or more, a cable release, a tripod, and any color film of ASA 100. Go far of cities or villages to avoid their lights, open up the lens to its lowest f/number, point the camera to the heaven and grab a photo of 1 or several hours exposure using the cable release. Try it! It's easy!

Click on the picture you choose the photopraph will be displaid, as well as their coments and technical explanations.

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